Saturday, January 25, 2014

spring bow tie preview: part 1

I didn't get around to blogging this week and you'll probably believe me when I tell you that there is a whole list of other things I also didn't get around to.  Phone calls.  Administrative work.  Most of the laundry.  

On the upside, I spent time with friends, time with Arthur, and I believe that Steve and I had at least two meaningful conversations.  I also posted half of the new spring bow ties in the shop.  I thought I'd share a few pictures here, in case you hadn't seen them yet.  As I mentioned before, I wanted to offer a full color spectrum of ties this spring and I love seeing them all together.  In fact, I have big plans for group photos once I finish sewing all the samples.  Sewing samples- one more thing I meant to do this week.  

But there's always next week!  I've also been working on a hospitality project for church that has taken up lots of time and brainpower, but I think will turn out smashingly.  We're putting it all together tomorrow and I'm sure that Steve will take lots of pictures for me so I can share.  

Today is freezing and we are drinking tea and simmering dinner in the crock pot and we even had a fire in the morning.   You know it's cold when we have a morning fire.  I think this afternoon will include making chex mix and maybe watching a movie.  I love a winter Saturday with nowhere to go!  

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