Friday, June 22, 2012

tag, you're it

Sometimes, when people come to visit, we put them to work.  You know- thank you for coming, now help me get this bird's nest out of the attic, let's pick out 17 silver frames from 8 different stores, we need to turn 100 little cards into tags with grommets and string, type work. 

Lucky Mom, she got to tie the strings.  She became quite good at it too. 

Steve set the grommets (a very loud process involving much hammering) and Mom attached the string and I was in charge of choosing the colors of both. 

The cards are MiniCards from  Aren't they sweet?  The paper quality is amazing- nice and sturdy with a smooth finish.  You can print your message on one side and then have up to 100 different colors or pictures on the other!  MOO has so many cool business card and printing options that I know I'll be using them again- plus my cards arrived five days after I ordered them!  If you're interested in trying anything from MOO, click here for a 10% off coupon

Now that I have so many tags, I have been hard at work on the products to attach them too.  Yesterday I glued myself to the sewing machine and today will look very much the same.  I'm trying to finish everything by tonight so that we can enjoy a relaxing weekend.  On the agenda: haircut, homemade pizza, visiting old friends, and potentially an ambitious craft project involving plywood and paint.  Hope your weekend is equally fun! 

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  1. Can I just say....I think that is the best string tying job I have ever seen! :)



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