Wednesday, June 06, 2012

easing back into things

Steve found the most amazing shell while we were at the beach last week.  We couldn't bring it home because someone was still living in it.  We brought home lots of other shells though and, even though I've washed them, they still smell like beach.  As does my gray t-shirt. 

Today is grocery shopping day.  It was really hard for me not to list seafood every night as I was planning out our meals.  It would take a very long time for me to get tired of fresh seafood. 

The pirate has gone back to work.  And at least ten times each day, I think of something to tell him or show him and find myself wondering where he is. 

In an attempt to regain my pre-vacation motivation levels, I threw myself into full-on zipper pouch mode yesterday.  As in 38 zipper pouches.  Steve was curious as to why I had 38 zippers laying around the house.  Oh, Steve. 

No time to work on pouches today though, because I have the car and a long list of errands.  It's rainy out, but I don't even mind because it's the perfect opportunity to wear my new boots.  Did I tell you about my new boots?  Well- in what can only be classified as a true birthday miracle, I found this awesome pair of navy rain boots at the GAP, in my size, for $6.97!  I know- this is the stuff of dreams and fairy tales. 

I'll be back to show you my zipper pouch progress later this week!

1 comment:

  1. I love the boots and what a deal! You find the best deals ever! Can't wait to see you soon.
    Love you



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