Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Levi's nursery

Remember our friends with the new baby?  His mom has been hard at work on the nursery and I have gotten to help her, which has been really fun. 

She found this triptych tree painting on Etsy and we added some brown ribbon before hanging it over the changing table. 

We went fabric shopping together and I spent last week making the curtains and a matching table cover.  I usually only make curtains for my own house, but really enjoyed making these.  So much so that I am considering saying "yes" the next time someone asks if I make custom curtains.  Do you know how often people ask me that?  There must be a lot of bare windows in this city. 

Now that Levi's curtains are done, I am planning to spend some time this week filling up the shop.  Have you been over there recently?  I'm almost done posting the items that I made before the holidays.  Today, my goal is zipper pouches.  Lots of them.  I sold almost every last one before Christmas and have lots of fancy new fabric that would look super cute in pouch form. 

Also?  There's one more amazing voile scarf coming soon.  I chose four new scarf patterns for this fall and winter season (here, here, and here, so far), but keep selling out of the fourth one before I get a chance to post it!  I've ordered more fabric though and have high hopes of getting it in the shop by the end of next week.  It's green and it's fabulous and I can't wait for you to see it!

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