Thursday, February 27, 2014

spring bow ties: part 2

Hello friends!  It's been another busy week, but I am determined to share some more of the new spring bow ties with you here on the blog.  They have been in the shop for several weeks now and the leaders are already emerging.  This ombre mint tie has been super popular for spring weddings and I'm rather partial to it myself.  I consider the perfect bow tie fabric one that is subtle and almost-solid from far away, but has some sort of interesting pattern when you see it close up.  Mint was a huge wedding color last year and doesn't appear to be waning in popularity at all, so I was excited to add a new mint tie to my offerings.  

This aqua tie was one of the wild cards for the season.  I love the color and the print is supposed to look like a city street map.  Since my original world map tie is my best seller, I thought it would be fun to offer a different type of map as well.  

Seersucker is such a classic look for spring and summer and it also happens to be lovely to work with.  My goal is to offer ties in every color of seersucker that I can find, so I've been adding two or three new ones each season.  This navy and white makes me think of sailboats and beach vacations and the Fourth of July.  

I usually stick to pretty classic graphic patterns for my ties, but I couldn't resist this navy bird print.  I felt inspired by these shirts I saw in the Boden spring catalog.  Although I never buy anything, I love getting the Boden catalog every season because of the beautiful photography.  In fact, pretty much every catalog that I request is for reasons other than purchasing the items inside.  I dog-ear the pages and cut things out for my bulletin board- they are basically my analog Pinterest.  

If you can believe it, there are still more ties to share!  I'll try to finish up next week with the rest of the collection.  

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