Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Missing: one formerly consistent blogger

If anyone is still checking my blog, I'm sending you a big internet high-five right now.  I'd say I don't know where the time has gone, but in actuality, I do.  

It's been spent grocery shopping and making dinner and doing laundry.

It's been spent shopping for fabric and developing products and corresponding with clients.

It's been spent making bow ties.  Obviously.

It's been spent playing cars and reading books and snuggling with this guy as much as I can, and then trying to steal a few minutes of time with his dad every evening.  

As a chronic over-achiever, I've had to lower the bar this year.  The combination of life/business/toddler sleep problems/potty training has really thrown me for a loop and the best way, for me, to make it through is to change my definition of a "successful" day.  Lately, if Steve has clean clothes to wear to work, Arthur is not throwing a fit, I don't have any overdue orders, and we have something to eat for dinner (eggs count!), I consider the day a rousing success.  

My attitude towards everything else is very much "I'll do it when I do it" and blogging falls into this increasingly large category (along with mopping, vacuuming, phone calls, tax preparation.... you get the picture.)  I miss showing up here, but I'll still pop in now and again, and I certainly plan to pick up the blogging pace once more when we've moved out of this season of life.  I used to view my blog as a daily journal and then it changed to more of a weekly newsletter.  I'm not quite ready to call it a quarterly report, but we sure seem to be heading in that direction.  

Take heart, friends- spring is almost here!  I'm sure I'll be back as soon as I'm able with pictures of all the blooms in our yard!


  1. You are one very busy lady! I don't know how you do it. None can be more precious than that beautiful little boy! I love all of you so much.

  2. Oh I feel ya, so I'll high five you right back! :) I feel the same exact way. I'm jealous you get to cook at all! I'm not quite there yet, so nothing comes closer to home than stauffers right now. ;) Arthur is ADORABLE!



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