Wednesday, April 30, 2014

family day

Yesterday marked one year since the biggest event in our married life: becoming parents.  Up to that point, the most life-changing thing I'd done was get married, and, while that certainly did change my life, I got to ease into it a bit.  Steve and I had met and known each other long before our wedding day and, I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that we tried our best to make the transition a smooth one.

April 2013

There's no real transition period with a child.  You don't have one until- one day- you do.  And you've certainly never met them before (usually).  So I can only speak from my own experience, but I'd say that it's not something you ease into.  Easing into life with a two year old sounds about as ridiculous as easing into the day while your house is on fire.  In both situations, you'd better jump out of bed and figure out a plan, because things are happening and they're happening fast.

April 2014

There have been so many things bumping around in my head these past few weeks about the year we've had and the ones ahead and if I were blogging more regularly, you'd probably have to suffer through at least three more rambling posts about it all.  But life is short and time is precious, so I've narrowed it down to this one thought- 

All of the best things in my life- I mean the very best things- have arrived seemingly late, yet right on time. The things I've had to wait the longest for are the very same things that I can't stop pinching myself over and I don't think that is any accident at all.  

We spent last weekend celebrating Arthur Chen in every way we could think of- sushi and fried rice for dinner, strawberry picking, playing in the pool, ice cream in the middle of the day, a surprise walk to the playground.  He ate like a ravenous tiger, splashed us every chance he got, and kept exclaiming, "Happy day for me!"

Happy day for us all.  


  1. Darn it, you made me cry. He is precious. You are blessed!

  2. I love this guy! I love showing his precious little face off to people at work. Like a proud aunt. I love you guys! Hope to see you all soon!



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