Thursday, November 07, 2013

thoughts from under the falling leaves

Today just might be the perfect fall day.  I am sitting outside, semi-working, but really just admiring the way the sunlight hits the trees.  It's breezy and there is a constant dusting of leaves falling down, sometimes right onto my keyboard.  Nap time on the new patio is a gift I give myself, when I can manage it.  

November is flying by.  We're one week in already and we have so many big things coming up that it feels like we may just jump from one to the next and it will be December before we even blink.  I'm trying to remind myself to slow down a bit and watch the leaves, enjoy the cars stacked up methodically around the house, talk to Steve for more than five minutes at a time.  

Also, this guy learned to wink, so there's that to enjoy.  

One of the things we're preparing for is a show at West Elm later this month.  I want to take plenty of merchandise, in case all of Charlotte decides to finish their Christmas shopping that day.  Hence the alarmingly large pile of zipper pouches.  

For nourishment, we've been eating this Roasted Wild Mushroom Chowder all week.  Two thumbs up.  (Side note: I really like to make notes on my recipes so I know which ones to make again.  My college roommie and her boyfriend-now-husband used to make notes for me when they tried something out, so I'd turn to a recipe and see things like "two thumbs up!" or, my favorite, "good show!".  Boy do I miss those two.)

Hope your fall is humming along quite nicely.  I'll be back next week with some more business-y type reports!

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