Wednesday, June 09, 2010

This is the story...

Of how I quit my job to do more of what I love. It’s the story of how my dad found some old savings bonds that my grandparents had given me when I was young and suddenly I had start-up funds for a business. It’s the story of how my generous (ex) boss let me pick out a serger as a going-away gift. It’s the story of how I will fill my days at home, just me.

I think that I am taking to this new “job” quite well. I have no complaints about the office- as I sit here, surrounded by my favorite fabrics and beautiful things, I can look out the window and see hydrangeas in full bloom and the promising little yellow flowers on my tomato plants. The background noise is breeze through the open windows and the wind chime that hangs on our bird feeder. The hours can’t be beat- I begin as soon as Steve leaves for work in the morning and aim to have everything cleaned up and dinner ready by the time he gets home. The variety of tasks in any given day keeps things interesting- today after I finished the family room curtains, I made yeast rolls that are now rising on the counter.

Soon, I will set a more rigorous schedule for myself. Soon, (hopefully) I will be filling orders and will have deadlines to meet. Soon, I might need human interaction and be forced to leave the house sometimes. But now, I am content. I am content to finish all the half done projects that have been waiting for me, faithfully, these past three years of working full time. I am content to take care of my house and my husband and do both of those things well and take pride in them. I am content to scribble ideas in my journal and dream of what is to come and imagine what I have ahead of me.

Today, I’m just feeling lucky to be in this story.

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