Sunday, June 21, 2015

fathers day

This morning, Arthur and I snuck out early to get donuts for our very favorite person.  Arthur practiced saying "happy father's day" over and over, but then opened with "Happy Birthday!" when the big moment arrived.  He's been literally vibrating with excitement these past few days, just waiting to get the gift out from under the bed and start the celebration and I don't blame him.  There's no one I'd rather celebrate than Steve.

I've tried to think about what makes Steve such a fantastic father and it's hard to separate out those traits from the ones that just make him a fantastic person in general, but there are certainly some that lend themselves more towards fatherhood.  

Steve anticipates our needs before they arise and makes plans to ensure our comfort.

He tries to turn mundane tasks and unpleasant chores into fun adventures, and often succeeds.

Steve is always ready to ride scooters, play cars, build Lego creations, or wrestle on the floor.

He works hard at the office every single day and then comes home and gives his all here too.

Steve has endless patience and rarely raises his voice.  Often, my parenting strategy is just to try and copy him.

Ever since the first day we became a family of three, Arthur has been absolutely crazy about Steve. They even dress like twins sometimes, for fun.  And one of my dearest wishes for Arthur is that, even as he gets older, he would keep on trying to be just like dad.  

Happy Father's Day, darling.  We couldn't love anyone more.  

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