about the shop

I opened Plumfield Shop in 2010 after quitting my full time job in church finance. I have been a gardener, housekeeper, nanny, preschool teacher, barista, piano teacher and receptionist. I like sewing the best.

I sell the things that I’ve designed and sewn, both to make an income and to share things that I think are amazing. If I make a fantastic bag for myself that holds everything I need in just the right way, I want to share that bag with everyone. Doesn’t everybody deserve an amazing bag? Or a pillow so beautiful that your sofa feels jealous?

The name “Plumfield Shop” comes from Little Women, which is one of my favorite books/movies. Plumfield is the name of the house that Jo inherits from her Aunt March and eventually uses to start a school. Jo’s mother encourages her towards this end by mentioning the school and then casually saying, “What a challenge that would be…” Plumfield Shop is my own type of challenge and I am excited to see where it takes me.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, which basically means that I spent four years studying color, form, function, and proportion, among other things. I also had to take calculus, which I am fairly certain I have never used to calculate fabric yardage for a project. Along the way I have tried my hand at woodworking, oil painting, jewelry making, and decorating t-shirts with puff paint. I have spent the past six years learning the ins and outs of sewing. I taught myself to sew by reading the sewing machine manual and trying really hard. Sometimes that’s the best way to learn something.

I take pride in my work. I love to have a personal connection with each and every customer and I love that I am able to do that by running a small shop. One of my biggest frustrations is purchasing something from a large retailer and then finding that, when I have a question or concern, they are not available to me. My goal is to always be available to my customers to make sure that their experience with my shop and my work is top notch.

Since running the shop is my main job (along with running our home and a few other odds and ends), you can expect super fast shipping and responses to any product questions you may have.  I've even been known to turn around a custom order in two days, but I can't promise I'll always be that awesome. 


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